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India Has Scripted History for Making 100 Crore Covid Vaccine Dose

India has scripted history, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday as the accretive Covid-19 vaccine boluses administered in the country surpassed the 100-crore corner.

The high minister called the vaccination corner a triumph of Indian wisdomenterprise and collaborative spirit of 130 crore Indians.
“ India scripts history. We’re witnessing the triumph of Indian wisdomenterprise and collaborative spirit of 130 crore Indians. Congrats India on crossing 100 crore vaccinations. Gratitude to our croakersnursers and all those who worked to achieve this feat,” PM Modi twittered.

He also visited the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in New Delhi, where he interacted healthcare workers as well as with people entering the Covid vaccine.
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Speaking at another event latterly in the day, PM Modi said that the country now has a strong “ defensive guard” of 100 crore vaccine boluses to combat the biggest epidemic in 100 times.

“ This day of October 21, 2021, has been recorded in history. India has crossed the 100 crore vaccine boluses mark eventually back,” the Prime Minister said.

He also hailed all the vaccine manufacturing companies of the countryworkers engaged in vaccine transportation and health sector professionals engaged in administering the vaccines.

Modi has constantly lauded health workers for leading the vaccination drive.

The accretive Covid-19 vaccine boluses administered in the country surpassed the 100-crore corner on Thursday.

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