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First Patient to Fall Prey to Coronavirus in America Was 57 years Old

The primary coronavirus sufferer within the US died from a ruptured heart, which was triggered by an assault from the virus, a post-mortem report reveals. Patricia Dowd, a 57-year-old mother, died at her dwelling in Santa Clara County, which is 48 miles south of San Francisco, on February 6.

As a result of she had gone untested, her dying went unreported. However, the latest investigation discovered she was contaminated with COVID-19 – the illness brought on by the virus – which means it had been spreading within the US weeks sooner than suspected. Medical doctors initially believed she had died after struggling a coronary heart assault.

Nevertheless, a post-mortem report solely obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle reveals the infection had unfolded to her coronary heart muscle, which triggered a valve in her coronary heart to burst.  ‘There’s one thing irregular about the truth that a superbly regular coronary heart has burst open,’ forensic pathologist Dr. Judy Melinek, who was not concerned within the post-mortem, instructed the Chronicle.

‘The center has ruptured. Regular hearts do not rupture. This coronary heart ruptured or tore open due to an infection of the center muscle attributable to the coronavirus.’  Dr. Susan Parson, the medical expert who carried out the post-mortem, discovered coronavirus in Dowd’s coronary heart, lungs, trachea, and intestines.

Dowd was described within the report as ‘mildly overweight’ however had no different medical situations listed. The health worker carried out the post-mortem on February 7; however it was not filed till Thursday, April 23.

Dr. Andrew Connolly, a pathologist at the University of California, San Francisco, informed the Chronicle that the virus might have precipitated irritation inside the heart. Earlier research has discovered an affiliation between COVID-19 an infection and coronary heart issues.  One small study in China printed in March discovered that at least one in five coronavirus sufferers have coronary heart harm after being contaminated.

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