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About Us

The Millennials and Gen-Z are all about Beauty, Fashion, Travel, and Wellness. The Leisure Times covers all the latest trends over the globe. From Versace to Balenciaga we have covered all the fashion news. From Dior to L’Oréal, we have made sure all beauty is on our website.  Gen-Z is all about staying fit and love to have that summer body. The Leisure Times team has experienced wellness instructors; they have provided their best and authentic health suggestions. Want to travel the unique places on our beautiful blue rock? We have made efforts to know the international locations for our readers to visit.

The Leisure Times covers all the perky categories for our readers which includes –

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Wellness

The heart of The Leisure Times is a team with long experience in the sector of international trade shows – fashion and luxury industries.

The Leisure Times is a website devoted to professionals of the cosmetics and beauty industries -fragrance, toiletries, skincare, and hair care products, make-up. And health-related sectors e.g., wellness products, diet and supplement foods.

Our travel team follows the motto – “Not all who wander are lost,” they have dedicated their efforts in finding perfect vacation-travel locations for our readers.

The Leisure Times team have made sure that all the information is authentic. Our aim has always been one, and that is to reach out to our readers as much as possible, this generation of the virtual world, the process has been made easy with feedback. Reaching out to The Leisure Times by giving us your valuable feedback to improve our work for you as a reader.